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All of Max International's supplement products are now BSCG Certified Drug Free, giving professional athletes and active individuals worldwide the confidence to use Max products within competition.

The specter of illegal performance enhancing drugs and banned substances haunts all sports today. Every athlete, no matter if they're professional or amateur, collegiate or Olympic, must take diligent precaution in what they consume and supplement with. For anyone with a desire to compete, not being in compliance with regulations puts them at risk of being banned from the sport they love, stripped of their hard-won accolades, and shamed for the rest of their lives.

These certifications are proof of our commitment to you. Get the powerful, clean and safe performance and recovery you need from Max products!

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Pro Athletes and Physically Active Individuals Use Max Products!

There is an amazing link between your body's glutathione levels and all aspects of athletic performance.

Max products are uniquely designed to effectively supplement your body's production of this all-important molecule.

Cellgevity, MaxOne, MaxN-Fuze, MaxATP, and MaxGXL
now all carry BSCG Certification.



This highly coveted certification from the Banned Substance Control Group announces that these products contain no trace of harmful anabolic agents or stimulants.

Under the direction of anti-doping expert Don Catlin, M.D., professionals with years of experience in anti-doping analytical work use cutting-edge technology and vigorous testing methodology to text every submitted product.

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Glutathione and Athletic Performance

  • Many world-class athletes are discovering that well-maintained glutathione levels give them the edge over their competitors, bringing greater strength and endurance, decreased recovery time from injury, less muscle pain and fatigue, and muscle-promoting activity. Dr. Jimmy Gutman, MD, FACEP

  • Raised glutathione levels help increase strength and endurance. Those interested in physical fitness can benefit from a definite athletic edge. Journal of Applied Physiology 87: 1381-1385, 1999

  • Strong muscular activity, such as that experienced by athletes, generates oxyradicals [free radicals] leading to muscle fatigue and poorer performance. Glutathione neutralizes these radicals. Sports Medicine 21: 213-238, 1996.
  • The Benefits of Increased Glutathione:

  • Dramatically Raise Your Energy Level

  • Improves Athletic Performance & Recovery

  • Slow Down The Aging Process

  • Strengthen Your Immune System

  • Fight Inflammation and Diseases of Aging

  • Detoxify and Improve Liver Function

  • Improve Mental Function

  • Improve Heart and Lung Function

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