Arctic Cod Omega Blend



Artic Cod Omega Blend

An exclusive blend of essential Omega oils 3, 5 and 7 means more benefits for your body.

Omega oil, or fatty acids, provide proven benefits that support heart health, cognition, metabolic function, and more. Max 3-5-7 is an exclusive blend of Omega-rich fish oils that complement each other, providing your body the resources it requires to function as well as it should. MAX 3-5-7 is specially made from cod found in the pristine waters of Norway. Quick processing on site at the source limits oxidation and helps maintain the integrity and high quality of the cod oil used in Max's proprietary Omega-rich 3-5-7 blend.


Keep your body running optimally with the benefits of Omega oils:

  • Promotes healthy heart and vascular function
  • Supports healthy metabolic breakdown of fat and cholesterol
  • Helps sustain healthy function of brain, nerve and eye cells
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    Additional Benefits:

  • Assists the body in the regulation of blood sugar levels
  • Provides anti-aging benefits for skin, hair and nails
  • Certified to be eco-friendly, sustainable and freshly sourced
  • Supports cellular health and provides key nutrients for cell signaling
  • Limited oxidation and special formula gives a pleasant and mild taste

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